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  1. September 17th, 2013 at 4:59 am      Reply vikkic Says:

    Jenny and I have decided to work together on a project in the year 3/4 area. We decided that we wanted to innovate the way we presented student work at the conclusion of each semester. We decided to create digital portfolios that showcase what the students have learnt.

    So far we have only shown our kids the basic features of power point and we have shown staff and students how to link documents and pages within the power point.

    We have discovered already that some kids have not been exposed to power point/computers vey much at all. We have designated “expert students” too assist those that are struggling. This has worked very well as they are students who do not normally get the chance to shine in the classroom and show their leadership skills. Peers teaching each other is very powerful learning.

    Although many students have used power point before they have never used it in this way so they are always learning new things. They are also having to think creatively about how they can showcase their knowledge and understanding in maths, whether that be through videos, photography??

    Where to go next?

    We hope to implement a regular time to allow students the opportunity to explore and discover new skills.

    Our aim is to not do all the work rather encourage the students to start thinking about what they would like to include in their final product.

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